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... sponges Chondrichthyes rays sharks and relatives Actinopterygii ray finned fishes Amphibia frogs salamanders and caecilians Reptilia turtles snakes lizards and relatives Aves birds Mammalia mammals Insecta insects Crustacea crustaceans Chelicerata chelicerates Cnidaria jellyfish sea anemones corals and relatives Nematoda roundworms Other animal phyla What s New at ADW The world s 100 most threatened species September 12 2012 New features on ADW September 12 2012 The Animal Diversity Web is new and improved September 07 2012 Explore the meaning of the scientific and common names of amphibians September 06 2012 138 taxon accounts updated since June 01 2012 September 05 2012 Contributor Gallery Myers Phil updated August 31 2012 15 August 31 2012 Contributor Gallery Corel updated July 06 2012 2 July 07 2012 Contributor Gallery Hoffman Susan updated July 06 2012 1 July 07 2012 Contributor Gallery Kyllingstad H C updated July 06 2012 2 July 07 2012 Contributor Gallery Mammal Skulls UMMZ updated July 06 2012 3 July 07 2012 News Archive Animal Headlines 30 hippos killed by Anthrax in Kruger National Park November 10 2012 via Wildlife Extra News Tiny new species of beetle discovered that keeps it head inside its body November 10 2012 via Wildlife Extra News Ash dieback action plan is vital November 09 2012 via RSPB News 120 000 Amur falcons massacred in 1 week in India November 09 2012 via Wildlife Extra News New York Aquarium Staff Faced Devastating Storm Surge November 09 2012 via WCS org RSS Feed Lakenheath Fen appeal November 08 2012 via Wildlife Extra News WCS Issues Statement on Wildlife Trafficking November 08 2012 via WCS org RSS Feed RSPB urges Environment Secretary to look at the bigger picture at ash talks November 08 2012 via RSPB News WCS Joins Secretary Hillary Clinton Highlighting the Urgency to Stop...

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