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Title: Genome Evolution Laboratory - Home

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Keywords:genome evolution, genome alignment, plant pathogens, gamma-proteobacteria, enteric bacteria, Erwinia, caratovora, chrysanthemi, comparative genomics

Description:The Genome Evolution Laboratory, directed by Prof. Nicole T. Perna, performs research into rates and patterns of adaptive genome evolution in animal and plant associated microbes. Our research involves experimental characterization of pathogens and computational modeling of genome evolution.
... that includes the much studied human and animal pathogens Escherichia coli Salmonella and Yersinia as well as the lesser appreciated pathogens of plants Erwinia Pectobacterium Dickeya and Pantoea plus members with various other symbiotic and free living lifestyles The research projects section of this site describes our ongoing efforts to describe the rates and patterns of genome scale molecular evolution and relate these changes to organismal evolution The software section...

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