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... Radiative Processes 305 Research Preparation 307 Inflationary Perturbations 408 Advanced CMB 448 University of Chicago Astronomy Department KICP Thunch astro ph CO ADS InSpire CMB Tutorials Introduction to the CMB A layman s introduction to the Cosmic Microwave Background circa 1996 before the discovery of the acoustic peaks and cosmic acceleration Intermediate level CMB tutorial Ringing in the New Cosmology CMB acoustic peaks circa 2001 around the time of their discovery Cosmic Symphony A Scientific American article from 2004 updating the tutorials to the WMAP era CMB Polarization A pedagogical review of CMB polarization circa 1997 prior to its discovery by DASI Annual Reviews 2002 A review of CMB physics circa 2002 prior to the WMAP results Gravitational Lensing Gravitational lensing of CMB temperature and polarization anisotropy creates B modes from E modes Quadratic combinations of CMB fields can be used to reconstruct the intervening mass distribution Cosmological Parameter Animations An animated look at how cosmological parameters change the CMB power spectrum CMB Power Prehistory A brief history of CMB power spectrum measurements in the decade during which the acoustic peaks were discovered and ending with the WMAP1 data in 2003 Legacy CMB Tutorial An intermediate discussion of CMB physics...

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