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... class is especially diverse with 23 men and 19 women from 14 countries and an even division of computer scientists statisticians and experts from social sciences public policy and other fields Full Story CI Researchers Rayid Ghani Inside the Discovery Cloud Deep Text Mining for Cancer Disease 26 May 2015 Text mining is often discussed in the context of humanities research or marketing where an enormous pool of text can be computationally sifted for new insight or targeted advertising But text mining is also gaining a foothold in biology and medicine as researchers increasingly realize that the millions upon milions of journal articles published in these fields may hold previously undiscovered insights for understanding and treating disease Full Story CI Researchers Ishanu Chattopadhyay James Evans Charting the Boundaries of Data Science 22 May 2015 When DJ Patil called data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century in 2012 it caused quite a stir in part because very few people at the time knew what data science actually meant Despite detractors who claimed all science is data science or joked that data science was just statistics on a MacBook the term has picked up steam from universities to corporations to...

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