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Title: The Ocean Biogeochemistry and Climate Change Group | Department of Earth and Environmental Science

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... improve understanding and prediction of Oceanic uptake storage and release of atmospheric CO 2 and other gases Climate sensitivity of ocean biogeochemical cycles and interactions with ecosystem structure Feedbacks between ocean carbon cycle ocean ecosystem structure ocean circulation and climate Our work combines theoretical aspects with running climate change simulations and sensitivity studies using complex general circulation models or GCMs on a newly acquired state of the art computer cluster in the Earth and Environmental Science Department at the University of Pennsylvania Specific Topics of Interest Southern Ocean oceanography links with the atmosphere and climate feedbacks How the ocean carbon pumps control atmospheric p CO 2 The impact of future changes in ocean ventilation on ocean carbon pumps and atmospheric p CO 2 Biological physical controls on the large scale air sea CO 2 flux distributions Response of Ocean Ecology to future climate change The future of ocean Anoxia Modeling the evolution of phytoplankton Satellite observations of ocean biology Prof Marinov s 40 minute presentation Introduction to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean News Our Research in the News Some of our recent work has been featured in print and online news media in Canada the U K France and the United States See Our Work in the News page for more information de Lavergne C J B Palter E D Galbraith R Bernardello and I Marinov 2014 Cessation of Weddell Sea convection due to climate warming Nature Climate Change Download Supplement Bernardello Raffaele Irina Marinov Jaime B Palter Jorge L Sarmiento Eric D Galbraith Richard D Slater 2014 Response of the Ocean Natural Carbon Storage to Projected Twenty First Century Climate Change J Climate 27 2033 2053 Download Student Postdoc Opportunities We are currently looking for undergraduates doctoral students and postdocs for the next academic year Contact Dr Marinov directly...

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