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... complies with policy Tim Berners Lee gives Introduction to Linked Open Data which is a way to unlock our data and reframe the way we use it together presented at TED 2009 Hal Abelson s Myths about Privacy talk which clarifies the various misconceptions regarding Privacy and Security on the web presented at the W3C Privacy and Data Usage Workshop 2010 Some of our Projects Tabulator Extension A Firefox Extension that provides a human readable interface for linked data It is based on the Tabulator browser for Semantic Web information RDF Paper Presentation Semantic Clipboard An enhancement to the Tabulator Extension that allows cutting and pasting of pictures that preserves policy information such as the copyright license Paper Presentation Screencast Semantic Web Widget Library A Javascript library for creating user interfaces for viewing and editing Semantic Web data in a way that can be integrated into any Website Thesis Accountable Information Usage in Fusion Center Information Sharing Environments A demonstation system for Deparment of Homeland Security to support sharing of information by Fusion Centers in a way that complies with applicable law and policy Fusion Centers are the contact points for cooderinating information between Federal State and Local law enforcement and intelligence agencies Paper Screencast Selected Publications Daniel J Weitzner Harold Abelson Tim Berners Lee Joan Feigenbaum James Hendler and Gerald Jay Sussman Information Accountability in Communications of the ACM 51 6 June 2008 A high level introduction to the information accountability perspective as an alternative and a complement to access control T Berners Lee W Hall J Hendler N Shadbolt D Weitzner Creating a Science of the Web Science Vol 313 11 August 2006 Daniel J Weitzner Harold Abelson Tim Berners lee Chris Hanson James Hendler Lalana Kagal Deborah L Mcguinness Gerald Jay Sussman K Krasnow Waterman Transparent Accountable...

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