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Title: Digital Humanities at Stanford

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... who do know Donald Rumsfeld you know that he had a way of expressing the complex postmodern world in a way that was simultaneously accessible and fertile Like a modern Laozi his seemingly blaise descriptions of complex systems contain multilayered wisdom of the kind necessary for identifying the key features of such systems Lesson 1 Known Unknowns Read more Responsive Data Visualization Submitted by Elijah Meeks on 08 19 2014 12 13 The final chapter of my book D3 js in Action is focused on explaining using the D3 data visualization library for mobile development It was a bit of a stretch for me since I hadn t done very much mobile development and I expected to write a short chapter outlining the functions like d3 touches that exist to handle touch interface Read more Why are such terrible things written about DH Kirsch v Kirschenbaum Submitted by Glen Worthey on 05 07 2014 12 01 Last week I read one of the latest and loudest salvos in a sad and very silly war on the digital humanities Adam Kirsch in The New Republic chose to put his pugnacious piece out under not one but two inflammatory titles Technology is Taking Over English Departments The false promise of the digital humanities Oh please Read more Digital Humanities and Data Science Submitted by Elijah Meeks on 05 05 2014 08 39 I m proud to announce that Stanford University Library will be bringing on Scott Weingart as a data scientist to help support digital humanities scholarship here at Stanford Scott is well known in the digital humanities community for his work on information visualization MOOCs courses on network analysis editing the Journal of Digital Humanities issue focused on topic modeling and work alongside other DH scholars to create The Historian s...

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