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... G13 Contingent Pricing Futures Pricing option pricing G14 Information and Market Efficiency Event Studies G15 International Financial Markets G17 Financial Forecasting and Simulation G18 General Financial Markets Government Policy and Regulation G20 Financial Institutions and Services General G21 Banks Depository Institutions Micro Finance Institutions Mortgages G22 Insurance Insurance Companies G24 Investment Banking Venture Capital Brokerage Ratings and Ratings Agencies G28 Financial Institutions and Services Government Policy and Regulation G30 Corporate Finance and Governance General G31 Capital Budgeting Fixed Investment and Inventory Studies Capacity G32 Financing Policy Financial Risk and Risk Management Capital and Ownership Structure Value of Firms Goodwill G33 Bankruptcy Liquidation G38 Corporate Finance and Governance Government Policy and Regulation H00 Public Economics General H11 Structure Scope and Performance of Government H20 Taxation Subsidies and Revenue General H21 Taxation and Subsidies Efficiency Optimal Taxation H23 Taxation and Subsidies Externalities Redistributive Effects Environmental Taxes and Subsidies H30 Fiscal Policies and Behavior of Economic Agents General H31 Fiscal Policies and Behavior of Economic Agents Household H32 Fiscal Policies and Behavior of Economic Agents Firm H40 Publicly Provided Goods General H52 National Government Expenditures and Education H55 Social Security and Public Pensions H56 National Security and War H60 National Budget Deficit and Debt General H62 National Deficit Surplus H63 National Debt Debt Management Sovereign Debt H70 State and Local Government Intergovernmental Relations General H75 State and Local Government Health Education Welfare Public Pensions H77 Intergovernmental Relations Federalism Secession I00 Health Education and Welfare General I10 Health General I11 Analysis of Health Care Markets I12 Health Production I14 Health and Inequality I15 Health and Economic Development I18 Health Government Policy Regulation Public Health I20 Education and Research Institutions General I21 Analysis of Education I22 Educational Finance I23 Higher Education and Research Institutions I24 Education and Inequality I28 Education Government Policy I29 Education Other I30 Welfare and Poverty General I31 General Welfare I38 Welfare and Poverty Government Programs Provision and Effects of Welfare Programs J00 Labor and Demographic Economics General J10 Demographic Economics General J11 Demographic Trends Macroeconomic Effects and Forecasts J12 Marriage Marital Dissolution Family Structure Domestic Abuse J13 Fertility Family Planning Child Care Children Youth J14 Economics of the Elderly Economics of the Handicapped Non labor Market Discrimination J15 Economics of Minorities Races and Immigrants Non labor Discrimination J16 Economics of Gender Non labor Discrimination J20 Demand and Supply of Labor General J21 Labor Force and Employment Size and Structure J22 Time Allocation and Labor Supply J23 Labor Demand J24 Human Capital Skills Occupational Choice Labor Productivity J26 Retirement Retirement Policies J30 Wages Compensation and Labor Costs General J31 Wage Level and Structure Wage Differentials J33 Compensation Packages Payment Methods J41 Labor Contracts J45 Public Sector Labor Markets J60 Mobility Unemployment and Vacancies General J61 Geographic Labor Mobility Immigrant Workers J62 Job Occupational and Intergenerational Mobility Promotion J63 Labor Turnover Vacancies Layoffs J64 Unemployment Models Duration Incidence and Job Search J70 Labor Discrimination General J71 Labor Discrimination J78 Labor Discrimination Public Policy J80 Labor Standards General K22 Business and Securities Law K31...

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