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  • The Pocket Veto Case
    indirectly P 677 5 It is just as essential a part of the constitutional provisions guarding against ill considered and unwise legislation that the President on his part should have the full time allowed him for determining whether he should approve or disapprove a bill and if disapproved for adequately formulating the objections that should be considered by Congress as it is that Congress on its part should have an opportunity to repass the bill over his objections P 678 6 When the adjournment of Congress prevents the return of a bill within the allotted time the failure of the bill to become a law cannot properly be ascribed to the disapproval of the President who presumably would have returned it before the adjournment if there had been sufficient time in which to complete his consideration and take such action but is attributable solely to the action of Congress in adjourning before the time allowed the President for returning the bill had expired P 678 7 The phrase within ten days Sundays excepted in the clause of the Constitution here in question refers not to legislative days but to calendar days P 679 8 The term adjournment as used in this constitutional provision is not limited to the final adjournment of the Congress P 680 9 The determinative question in reference to an adjournment is not whether it is a final adjournment of Congress or an interim adjournment such as an adjournment of the first session but whether it is one that prevents the President from returning the bill to the House in which it originated within the time allowed P 680 p657 10 An interim adjournment of Congress at the end of the first session as the result of which although the legislative existence of the House in which

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