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  • Claire Lim's Homepage
    Partisanship in Texas State Trial Courts with Bernardo Silveira and James Snyder Revised in May 2015 Under Review Courses Taught At Cornell Statistics and Applied Econometrics Undergrad core Empirical Methods in Public Economics Ph D elective At Stanford Econometric Methods PhD core Non market Strategy MBA core Cost Benefit Analysis and Evaluation Economic Policy Analysis Research and Teaching Experience at the Univ of Pennsylvania Research Assistant for Professor Antonio Merlo Teaching Assistant Time Series Econometrics Ph D for Professor Frank Schorfheide twice Teaching Assistant Statistics for Economists Undergraduate for Professor Gregory Kordas Teaching Assistant Political Economy Undergraduate for Professor Antonio Merlo Recitation Instructor Introductory Microeconomics Undergraduate for Professor Uriel Spiegel Teaching Assistant Law and Economics Undergraduate for Professor Nicola Persico Seminars and Conference Presentations AY 2014 2015 Princeton Yale Northwestern U Penn New York Fed Banff Empirical Microeconomics Conference 2014 Columbia U Political Economy Conference 2014 discussant ASSA 2015 Washington Political Economy Conference 2015 discussant Princeton Mini Conference on the Political Economy of Bureaucrats co organizer Barcelona GSE Summer Forum Applied IO Game Theory Festival at Stony Brook Political Economy Econometric Society World Congress Before AY 2014 2015 Brown Caltech Concordia Cornell Duke Northwestern Seoul National Univ Stanford SUNY Albany U Chicago U Penn UC Berkeley U Illinois U Maryland Yale Econometric Society North American Summer Meeting 2008 2012 2014 Public Choice Society 2009 Midwest Economic Association 2009 American Law and Economics Association 2009 Society for Economic Dynamics 2009 2010 2012 2014 NBER Summer Institute 2009 2010 2014 EEA ESEM 2009 APSA 2009 discussant Stanford mini conference on political economy November 2009 May 2011 ASSA 2010 2011 2015 CIRPEE Workshop on Political Economy Econometric Society World Congress 2010 Penn Institute for Economic Research PIER Conference on Political Economy 2010 Political Institutions and Economic Policy PIEP Conference at Princeton May 2011

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