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  • Kean University-EEO
    New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority HESAA 1 800 792 8670 phone http www hesaa org Federal Student Aid http studentaid ed gov PORTALSWebApp students english index jsp New Jersey Commission on Higher Education EOF http www state nj us highereducation EOF EOF Eligibility htm Kean University Links Resources Kean University 1000 Morris Ave Union NJ 07083 908 Phone 908 737 KEAN 5326 Webpage www kean edu Map and Directions http www kean edu directions html Virtual campus Tour http www kean edu campus tour asp Admissions Office Phone 908 737 7100 Fax 908 737 7105 E mail admitme kean edu Webpage http www kean edu kean admissions home asp EEO EOF Program Main Campus Campus School East Building Phone 908 737 5380 Fax 908 737 5385 E mail eeo kean edu Webpage www kean edu eeo Office of Financial Aid Phone 908 737 3220 Fax 908 737 3200 E mail finaid kean edu Webpage http www kean edu sfs fa home html Undergraduate Majors by College http www kean edu undergrad1a asp Undergraduate Catalog http www kean edu catalogs Undergraduate Catalog 09 10 pdf Student Accounting Office Phone 908 737 3240 Fax 908 737 3250 E mail stuactg
    http://www.kean.edu/~eeo/linkresour.html (2012-11-13)

  • Kean University-EEO
    to register for the required on campus no cost placement test Placement testing provides information about your levels of proficiency in the skill areas tested reading writing and math This information is used to place you in appropriate level courses In some cases these courses will be non college credit courses or intensive college level courses designed to help you improve your skills and support your college level studies Because
    http://www.kean.edu/~eeo/placemtest.html (2012-11-13)

  • Kean University-EEO
    1 15 p m start time CS 1501 College Reading and Study Skills 3 college credits Reading and learning skills are programmed to increase efficiency in these areas Skills include speed of comprehension areas of comprehension vocabulary and the study skills of concentration note taking time scheduling and test organization Recommended as an elective for those students who seek a strong development program in learning Recommended scheduling 2 sections One with 8 30 a m start time One with 10 20 a m start time Writing students placed in either ENG 0110 Writing Seminar non college credit Intensive writing workshop with focus on grammar and effective sentences paragraphs and essays Emphasis upon the writing process and integral critical thinking skills Individual and collaborative writing assignments will culminate in a class project Pass Fail No college credit Recommended scheduling 7 sections Two with 8 30 a m start time Two with 10 20 a m start time Three with 1 15 p m start time ENG 1030 College Composition 3 college credits Development of flexible processes for composing writing to meet academic purposes across the curriculum Recommended scheduling 3 sections One with 8 30 a m start time One with 10 20 a m start time One with 1 15 p m start time Students requiring Math improvement will take the following course MATH 0901 Basic Algebra non college credit Topics include Operations with Real Numbers Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Linear Equations Graphing Equations of Lines Applications and Word Problems Operations with Polynomials Factoring Polynomials Solving Quadratic Equations Operations with Square Roots Recommended scheduling 9 sections Three with 8 30 a m start time Three with 10 20 a m start time Three with 1 15 p m start time Content Courses PSY 1000 Gen Psychology 3 college credits Introduction to the
    http://www.kean.edu/~eeo/CPI.html (2012-11-13)

  • Kean University-EEO
    from high school to college and in becoming familiar with Kean University the university academic system and collegial life History and organizational structure of Kean University and EEO Program Kean University s academic system KeanWISE TutorTrac and AdvisorTrac Classroom protocol Kean University library Development of college survival skills Establishing positive relationships with faculty staff and students Group dynamics Leadership skills Cultural diversity EEO EOF Program Rules and Responsibilities Developed to expose students to the requirements of being a student in the EEO EOF at Kean University Mandatory Tutoring Mandatory counseling and advisement Academic Integrity Policy EEO EOF Student Agreement Residential Life policies and procedures Financial Aid policies and procedures and FAFSA Student Code of Conduct Kean University is committed to providing a campus environment where a student can grow intellectually and develop as a person The Kean community depends on shared values and principles The Student Code of Conduct is a guide to our community values These core values include integrity community fairness respect and responsibility Students and visitors are expected to uphold and abide by the standards of conduct that form the basis of the student code Compliance with the Student Code of Conduct Student Code of Conduct process and procedures Student Conduct Conference Student Conduct Hearing Writing Center Group Processes Provided to enhance students in their effective writing note taking listening time management and test taking skills and strategies Application of critical thinking Effective listening Productive note taking techniques Prioritizing and organizing assignments Practical test taking methods Enhancement of study habits Writing to Learn Effective use of time Choice of Major Designed to provide direction to students in their journey to examine their own interests abilities strengths decision making and values as well as exploration of careers and evaluation of options Self Knowledge of values interests abilities and
    http://www.kean.edu/~eeo/EEOEOForien.html (2012-11-13)

  • Kean University-EEO
    eligibility criteria Meeting with your EEO EOF Counselor as per your academic level Attending all scheduled workshops orientation and receptions Participating in academic coaching sessions and study groups as assigned Meeting Kean University Standards of Academic Progress Working towards graduation within four years Keeping your EEO EOF Counselor abreast of all financial academic and personal changes and updates Maintaining full time enrollment of 12 or more credits each semester Meeting
    http://www.kean.edu/~eeo/studagreem.html (2012-11-13)

  • Kean University-EEO
    of the EEO EOF Program the program provides access to higher education for eligible students with the necessary resources and effective administrative support to help improve their academic performance and to promote their retention and progress toward graduation More specifically the EEO EOF Program provides the following to eligible students An EOF grant in an amount pre determined by the New Jersey State Commission on Higher Education which is to be applied to tuition or other college expenses based upon compliance with the EEO EOF program and Kean University rules and regulations Learning skills workshops and Academic Level Programming aimed at developing strategies successful academic progress in College Guidance in planning your academic program and assistance with your selection and registration of courses Structured activities that provide educational and professional enrichment Monitoring of student progress to keep students on course for graduation Advising counseling on academic career and personal issues Programs designed to help students realize their educational career and personal goals Access to supplemental instruction and academic coaching Coordinating between EOF Program and Financial Services Preparation for professional careers and or enrollment in graduate professional education Access to services already available to the general student population Summer funding available
    http://www.kean.edu/~eeo/suppserv.html (2012-11-13)

  • Kean University-EEO
    MetLife Lockheed Martin Liberty Mutual KPMG Pfizer Plus many more The Benefits of an INROADS internship Multi year internships at top pay 4 000 10 000 per summer Potential for full time job offer Your own coach and corporate mentor Unique skills development training so that you are ready to lead from Day 1 What you need Must have 2 or more summers remaining prior to completion of an undergraduate
    http://www.kean.edu/~eeo/inroad.html (2012-11-13)

  • Kean University-EEO
    Phone 908 7378 5380 Fax 908 737 5385 Email eeo kean edu Campus Map http www kean edu campusmap html Directions to campus by car train or bus http www kean edu directions html EEO EOF Office Administration William DeGarcia Director 908 737 5380 phone 908 737 5385 fax eeo kean edu Linda Lashley Budget Coordinator 908 737 5380 phone eeo kean edu Yojanss Cabreja Data Coordinator Analysis 908 737 5380 phone eeo kean edu Linda Bradbury Pre Freshman Student Services 908 737 5376 phone lbradbur kean edu Jennifer Daro Pre Freshman Student Services 908 737 5377 phone jdaro kean edu Ana Freire Budget Coordination 908 737 5380 phone eeo kean edu EEO EOF Counselors Academic Advisors Billie Bailey Freshman Academic Programming 907 737 5378 phone baileyb kean edu Jerry Dix Junior Academic Programming 908 737 5394 phone jdix kean edu Elis Sosa Career Series Programming and Internships 908 737 5398 phone esosa kean edu Marilyn Freeland Junior Academic Programming and Ocean County College Transfer Liaison 908 737 5397 phone mfreelan kean edu Jose Melendez Senior Academic Programming 908 737 5379 phone jmelende kean edu Paula Muindi Academic Recognition 908 737 5395 phone pmuindi kean edu EEO EOF Office Support
    http://www.kean.edu/~eeo/Contact.html (2012-11-13)