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Title: Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security | Georgetown University

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... More An Interview with Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe August 14 2015 Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe works to rehabilitate girls who have previously been held by the Lord s Resistance Army in Uganda Mayesha Alam Associate Director of the Georgetown Institute for Women Peace Security sat down with her to discuss the violence committed against the girls and how she works to restore their lives and livelihoods through education and skill building Learn More Information2Action Gender Sensitive and Transformative Reparations in Bosnia August 14 2015 Learn More BLOG Africa s Complicated Geography of Justice International Courts Must Address the Needs of Women August 10 2015 Women have been victims of sexual violence torture murder and ethnic cleansing in these cases across the continent and they deserve justice that is efficient effective and fair However women are also powerful actors for reconstruction and reconciliation Learn More Profiles in Peace Alaa Murabit July 28 2015 Alaa Murabit is the founder and president of The Voice of Libyan Women VLW a nonprofit organization working to promote women s political participation in Libya through a combination of grassroots organizing and policy advocacy Learn More BLOG Women Girls Must Be Central to Buhari s Reform Agenda July 27 2015 Nigeria is a leader of African politics economic progress and culture after its landmark peaceful transfer of power Nigeria must take this opportunity to truly reform and become a leader with respect for human and women s rights Learn More BLOG Reparations More than Monetary Compensation July 14 2015 For the first time in the history of the Bosnian War Crimes Court judges have included compensation to a wartime rape victim as part of the Court s ruling Learn More BLOG Rethinking Gender Roles for Women s Economic Participation July 13 2015 Having witnessed so much progress what more must be done to ensure that women are working more earning more and leading in the workplace The answer seems to lie with men Learn More BLOG A Spotlight on Working Families in the U S July 1 2015 Paid family leave paid sick leave flexible hours and telework do not just benefit workers and their families these policies are also good for companies and for the economy Learn More Georgetown University Commits to Gender Equality June 18 2015 Major universities like Georgetown and Oxford have all pledged to take concrete steps towards gender equality as part of the final installment of UNWomen s IMPACT 10x10x10 initiative The initiative is part of the HeForShe movement unveiled by Emma Watson at the UN last fall Learn More Announcing New Partnership to Advance Girls Education Around the Globe June 16 2015 The Georgetown Institute for Women Peace and Security has joined a multilateral effort led by First Lady Michelle Obama to increase access to education for girls worldwide Learn More REPORT A New Frontier Human Trafficking and ISIS s Recruitment of Western Women June 16 2015 if women from the West joining ISIS are victims of human trafficking this impacts how the international community should design its counter terrorism policies and research agenda Learn More On the Red Couch with Ambassador Melanne Verveer June 11 2015 This is what inspires me Sometimes more often than not women are pushed back and yet they don t give up They keep struggling because in the struggles are going to come the better times For some of them it may not happen in their lifetimes but it will make a difference hopefully for their children and for others in their society Learn More BLOG Emerging Humanitarian Frontiers The good news we are doing more for more people than ever before The bad news the international humanitarian system is under unprecedented strain Learn More A Parting Interview with Dr Robert Egnell May 28 2015 An important role of the institute is to build a bridge between theory and practice and I have been very honored to play in role in that endeavor through meeting with policy makers and practitioners and by facilitating dialogue through regular symposiums and workshops that bring of all these people together Learn More BLOG An Interview with Obiageli Ezekwesili May 29 2015 What the world unwittingly has done by not rescuing our Chibok girls for over a year now is that it has said to every girl child in very troubled environments You have to make a choice to either be educated or lose your life How can that possibly be a choice Learn More BLOG Studying All Female Peacekeeping Units to Draw Conclusions on Gender Mainstreaming May 20 2015 Despite the passage of Security Council Resolution 1325 in 2000 which mandates women s equal participation the protection of women s rights and the prevention of gender based violence in peacekeeping and post conflict reconstruction progress has been slow during the last 15 years Learn More BLOG From Unbanked to Banked Is Technology the Solution May 11 2015 Access to a bank account is a key indicator of poverty reduction and plays a vital role in increasing education and helping the poorest communities manage risk and absorb financial shock There are still 1 1 billion unbanked women across the world Learn More BLOG The Impact of Conflict on Women s Access to Education Spotlight on Burundi May 12 2015 In war torn countries around the world thousands of women like Betty and Joyce are denied an education due to protracted conflict dislocation and the prevalence of norms or ideologies that discourage education for women Learn More OP ED Ignore at your own peril Women are the future of the economy May 8 2015 In short Female empowerment is critical to the global economy But this is not a plea for more robust diversity policies in hiring and promotion Rather it s a warning call As the global economy evolves companies that continue to ignore what women bring to the workplace do so at their own peril Learn More Oral Histories Project Captures Firsthand Accounts of Pressing Issues in Peace and Security May 1 2015 The idea behind the project is that so often if you look at the way in which history is recorded the stories of women and their contributions are left out This especially true in the fields of peace and security Learn More Clinton Presents Awards To Advance Women in Peace and Security April 22 2015 Former U S Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was at Georgetown today to present the second of an annual award to individuals devoted to the cause of women peace and security in the world Learn More Women in the World and Georgetown University team up for research on girls and war April 17 2015 Women in the World Media LLC and Georgetown University s Institute for Women Peace Security announced today that they have joined forces to produce a research paper on the use of GIRLS AS A WEAPON OF WAR Learn More Special Report The 2015 Nigeria Elections Violence Against Women in Politics April 17 2015 This special report which commemorates the April 2014 kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls in Chibok by Boko Haram focuses on women politics and violence The girls kidnapping and the continued threat posed by Boko Haram to internal security and regional stability played a significant role in the March 2015 Nigerian elections Learn More Amb Verveer to Receive Pro Mujer Global Voice Award April 9 2015 Learn More OP ED Equality for Afghan women remains a critical goal for President Ghani April 1 2015 As anticipation rises for the prospect of negotiations with the Taliban a fundamental question remains what about Afghan women and girls Learn More BLOG Women Are Key to Change A Discussion with Baroness Mary Goudie April 1 2015 Baroness Goudie hosted her 5th Annual Blog Breakfast More than 50 women leaders who work on the advancement of women and girls gathered to discuss the theme Global Uncertainty Women are Key to Change Learn More REPORT A Transformative Approach to Transitional Justice Building a Sustainable Peace for All March 31 2015 By the Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations and the Georgetown Institute for Women Peace and Security Learn More Profiles in Peace Burcu Becermen March 30 2015 The Georgetown Institute for Women Peace Security s goal in undertaking Profiles in Peace Oral Histories Project is to collect unique first hand interviews from women and men who are leaders in optimizing the agency of women peace security and post conflict reconstruction Learn More PBS Newshour How one Afghan woman rose from dressmaker to policy insider March 26 2015 Special correspondent Gayle Tzemach Lemmon author of The Dressmaker of Khair Khana sits down with Kamila Sidiqi now deputy chief of staff to Afghanistan s president Learn More PBS To The Contrary Afghani Women Leaders March 27 2015 Afghani Women Leaders Women forming part of Afghani president Ashraf Ghani s delegation say support from the US is vital Learn More REPORT Women on the Frontlines of Water Insecurity March 25 2015 According to a new report released by UNESCO on March 22 to mark International Water Day the world will face a 40 percent shortage in our water supply by 2030 This is an alarming problem that disproportionately affects women and girls Learn More BLOG UN Commission on the Status of Women 59 An Overview March 24 2015 We must build on the existing momentum to advance women s rights and well being across the globe but we need to do this in a more forward thinking way Though it is important that we reflect critically on the progress that has been made and the goals that have not yet been achieved we have to set a higher standard for women s rights around the world Learn More Bank of America Fellowship on Women and the Economy Apply Now March 18 2015 Learn More BLOG Women of ISIS Seeking a Gendered Understanding of Extremist Recruitment in the West March 12 2015 What lures young Western women to join extremist movements It is a question that has not yet been given the attention it deserves Learn More OP ED Adolescent Girls in Crisis March 10 2015 I was in the field when they came They came out of nowhere and they took me away into the bush I was just a child They stole us away They stole our innocence They stole our lives from us Learn More OP ED Women s Equality Isn t a Zero Sum Game It s Vital for Peace and Prosperity March 8 2015 Though real gains have been made on women s rights there s still a long way to go before everyone can reap the rewards of gender justice Learn More BLOG Protecting and Empowering Women and Girls in Situations of Crisis and Conflict March 9 2015 The problem of adolescent girls in crisis and conflict situations is gaining renewed momentum Learn More BLOG Women Leading for Peaceful Societies A Recap of The Carter Center s 2015 Human Rights Defenders Forum March 5 2015 More than 60 academics human rights defenders and religious leaders gathered to discuss pertinent issues such as inclusive leadership confronting violence against women and girls and women leading to prevent and resolve violent conflict Learn More BLOG Gender Equality in Militaries How Far We ve Come and How Far We Have to Go March 2 2015 We still have a long way to go in actually making progress in implementation and one of the biggest areas where we see gaps are within militaries themselves Learn More BLOG Economic Empowerment Peace and Security Women Using Information Communication Technology in Somalia February 27 2015 Johorad s story is just one example of how in certain contexts in Somalia the growing availability and use of Information Communication Technology ICT is helping augment women s activity in the economic and public sphere Learn More BLOG Symposium Recap Women Powerful Agents for Peace and Security February 26 2015 Georgetown Institute for Women Peace and Security Associate Director Mayesha Alam travelled to Amsterdam Netherlands to participate in the Women Powerful Agents for Peace and Security symposium Learn More REPORT Under Fire Women Human Rights Defenders in Mesoamerica February 25 2015 Learn More Panel Discussion on Transitional Justice as Transformative Building a Sustainable Peace for All February 24 2015 Panel discussion on Transitional Justice as Transformative Building a Sustainable Peace for All organized by the Permanent Mission of the UAE to the UN GIWPS and UN Women Learn More BLOG A Listener and Facilitator Mrs Rula Ghani Speaks About Her Role as First Lady of Afghanistan Mrs Rula Ghani visited Georgetown University on February 19 for Remarks by H E Mrs Rula Ghani First Lady of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to speak about progress and opportunities for women in Afghanistan as well as challenges for the future Learn More Hillary Rodham Clinton Communications Fellowship Apply Now February 20 2015 Learn More Hillary Rodham Clinton Research Fellowship Apply Now February 20 2015 Learn More First Lady of Afghanistan Rula Ghani Speaks at Georgetown Univeristy February 20 2015 We are at a turning point where we can start rebuilding the country Ghani said during a Feb 19 visit to the university sponsored by the Georgetown Institute for Women in Peace and Security GIWPS In Afghanistan we have had a history of very strong women and we need to reclaim that history and talk about it Learn More Information2Action Rapid Response Election Related Violence Against Women in Nigeria February 13 2015 The 2014 2015 election period in Nigeria is creating unrest and concern over increasing rates of election related violence against women Learn More BLOG Economic Opportunity for Women in Rural Afghanistan A Survivor Story February 12 2015 Through working with ARZU Masuma has been able to reclaim her life her home and her sense of self Here are some the thoughts she shared with us Learn More Information2Action Rapid Response South Sudan Signs New Ceasefire Deal February 5 2015 South Sudan signs new ceasefire deal step towards power sharing agreement Learn More BLOG Commemorating the Third Anniversary of the U S National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security February 2 2015 We are viewing 2015 as the year of women peace and security and we are pushing to place gender equality and women and girls at the heart of the post 2015 development agenda Learn More Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden H E Margot Wallstr├Âm on Feminist Foreign Policy January 30 2015 Learn More Women Peace and Security in the Context of Climate Change January 15 2015 Learn More Melanne Verveer to youth There s no one way to make an impact in global development January 6 2015 Young people are realizing they don t all have to work for a development agency or get involved with an NGO to engage in global development Learn More BLOG Access to Finance in Rural India A Catalyst for Leadership and Social Change December 23 2014 Economic participation does not only help women it transforms the ability of entire communities to advocate for their own concerns in ways that have long lasting and widespread impact Learn More Beijing 20 Looking Back and the Road Ahead December 19 2014 Reflections on milestones in women s leadership in the 21st Century A publication from the Wilson Center with an essay by Ambassador Melanne Verveer among others Learn More OP ED Smart Power through Inclusivity in an Increasingly Volatile World December 15 2014 Dealing with the complex security challenges facing our world indeed requires incorporating women into peace and security operations for greater effectiveness Learn More Profiles in Peace The Honorable Mary Robinson December 9 2014 The Honorable Mary Robinson former President of Ireland and UN Special Envoy of the Secretary General for the Great Lakes Region of Africa Learn More BLOG Human Rights Day Women Peace and Security How can we ensure that women as well as men are supported to participate equally in the peace and security process Learn More REPORT Women and Countering Violent Extremism Summary Document and Analysis December 10 2014 This document was prepared as part of an ongoing partnership between the Georgetown Institute for Women Peace and Security and the Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations in New York Learn More BLOG Japan Reaffirms Its Commitment to Women s Participation in Peacebuilding December 8 2014 The reason why womenomics is taken seriously in Japan is that it makes sense it increases GDP Similarly including women in security efforts makes sense If countries are educated on the benefits of adopting a NAP and inclusion of women in decision making and peace and disaster management that s the motivation that will encourage them to act Learn More Clinton Including Women Essential to Peace Processes December 3 2014 When women participate in peace processes often overlooked issues such as human rights individual justice national reconciliation economic renewal are often brought to the forefront former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said today at Georgetown Learn More Hillary Rodham Clinton to Speak on Security Inclusive Leadership December 2 2014 The Georgetown Institute for Women Peace and Security and the Institute for Inclusive Security will host remarks on Wednesday by former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Smart Power Security Through Inclusive Leadership Learn More OP ED Moving the Needle Forward on Women s Rights in Afghanistan November 25 2014 When women progress all of society makes progress That is true in Afghanistan and around the world The message out of Oslo this weekend was that we must continue to enable and empower the women of Afghanistan who as Mrs Ghani noted have a significant role to play in returning peace and prosperity to Afghanistan Learn More Utilizing Modern Technology in Peacekeeping Operations to Improve Security for Women and Girls November 25 2014 Co hosted by the Permanent Mission of the UAE to the UN UN Women and the Georgetown Institute for Women Peace and...

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