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Description:Four Key Areas: Stem Cell Therapy What if doctors could grow a new inner ear from a person's own skin cells? Or repair the damaged inner ear from
... Research Permalink Grillet Lab Website Launched The new Grillet Lab website was recently launched As you might remember Nicolas Grillet is a recent addition to the SICHL team He came from the Scripps Institute and has established his lab here at Stanford to study the genetics of hearing and vestibular impairment and the function of hair Kate Morris October 7 2014 Updates Permalink SICHL Newsletter Sept 2014 The recent newsletter from SICHL included all the latest news from recently published papers to event and new lab websites Click through on the image above to read the September edition To subscribe to upcoming newsletters click here Kate Morris October 7 2014 Newsletter Permalink Paper from Oghalai Lab Role of Supporting Cells in Frequency Sharpening A recent paper by the Oghalai Lab published in the Journal of Neurophysiology Vibration of the organ of Corti within the cochlear apex in mice changes the understanding of how the sharpening of frequency tuning occurs When asked to give a brief summary of the paper Dr Oghalai explained In this Kate Morris September 29 2014 Publications Research Permalink Read all Articles First time here Watch this video Research Find out more about hearing loss research at...

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