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Title: Immersion: a people-centric view of your email life

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... Once Google verifies your credentials Immersion is informed about that and you are then given the choice by Google to allow deny Immersion access to your email data 2 If I grant Immersion access to my Gmail account what sort of control does Immersion have Any app that you authorize to give access to your Gmail account such as an iPhone email client or Immersion has complete control over your email data There is no protocol available at the moment which allows only for partial levels of access to email data but the protocol allows the developers of an app to choose the data they retrieve This is true for any app for e g email clients on your mobile phone desktop etc For more details on the exact data fields that Immersion accesses see next question By default once you authorize an app the next time you log in to use it Google will avoid asking your permission again Immersion makes this process more secure for you by allowing you to remove the authorization that Google provided us when you log out of Immersion via this link Once you delete your metadata and revoke Immersion s access to Gmail there is no way for Immersion to access your email data until you provide authorization again 3 What information from my inbox does Immersion collect To create your visualization Immersion collects only the metadata From To Cc and Timestamp of emails Immersion does not access the subject or body of any of your emails Due to the architecture of the underlying protocol technically Immersion could access any part of your email but we chose not to Once again this is true of all email clients Privacy and users ownership of their data are very important to us so we ve designed Immersion to prioritize the privacy of users and their ability to control their own data 4 What are the steps that Immersion has taken to prioritize users privacy and data security Immersion allows you to delete all your metadata upon logout and this leaves no trace of your email metadata in our servers We don t pseudo delete data by just flagging it as deleted or move your data to another server without your knowledge We actually remove all the bits of your metadata instantly We also do not share your personal data with any third parties 5 What are the benefits of saving my metadata If you decide to save your metadata upon logout the next time you log in Immersion will not have to go through the metadata fetching process again and your visualization will load much faster Immersion will also be able to use anonymized metadata to calculate aggregate statistics such as Rankings across different Immersion users who have also saved their metadata for instance how connected you are with respect to the ensemble of Immersion users Certainly no personal information of users is revealed in either the calculation or presentation of these statistics 6 I...

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