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... directions that evolve naturally from research on the frontiers of physics In their explorations of these physics frontiers atomic molecular and optical physicists work closely with biophysicists and chemical physicists as well as experts in precision measurement nanoscience and quantum information Quantum Baseball The Ye and Rey groups have discovered the strange rules of quantum baseball in which strontium Sr atoms are the players and photons of light are the balls The balls control the players by not only getting the atoms excited but also Reconstruction Cong Chen and his colleagues in the Kapteyn Murnane group have generated one of the most complex coherent light fields ever produced using attosecond 10 18 s pulses of circularly polarized extreme ultraviolet EUV light The circularly Creative Adventures in Coupling The Rey and Ye groups are in the midst of an extended collaboration on using the Ye group s strontium Sr lattice clock for studies of spin orbit coupling in pancake like layers of cold Sr atoms Spin orbit coupling means an atom s motion Back to the Future The Ultraviolet Surprise Imagine laser like x ray beams that can see through materials all the way into the heart of atoms Or envision...

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