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Title: ADL Algorithm Development Library - SSEC_Collaboration

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... are 2 Registration Downloading Software and adding to the wiki 3 What is a Virtual Appliance 4 What should I install 5 Where should I go from here Who we are The ADL Team is comprised of members from several organizations including JPSS RAYTHEON and SSEC RAYTHEON developed the ADL package to provide a programming environment to emulate the programming interfaces available in the IDPS SSEC is providing support for the distribution of information and software related to the ADL project SSEC is also developing software components for use with ADL JPSS is providing funding and management directive to both SSEC and RAYTHEON Registration Downloading Software and adding to the wiki Before having access to the software you must register with the wiki Instructions are located here What is a Virtual Appliance A virtual appliance is a virtual machine image designed to run on a virtualization platform In the case of ADL 3 0 this is a Ubuntu Linux virtual machine with the ADL 3 0 software and all the required COTS pre installed The virtual appliance can then be run on a host machine by virtualization software The ADL 3 0 software is virtualized for VMWare Player 3 0 What should I install The virtual appliance provides many benefits Elimination of need to install COTS Elimination of need to install ADL Consistent set of COTS across all users Consistent set of tools across all users Ability to use ADL on Mac OS X Ability to easily use ADL on Windows platforms Ability to move installation and any customization to other host platforms Installation of the required ADL COTS is time consuming and can be difficult depending on the host platform This is especially true for users of Windows and Mac OS X on these platforms use of the Virtual...

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