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Title: Our Mission | The MIT Entrepreneurship Review

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... other intelligent industries in its approach towards innovation Its centralization around a few giant studios the evaporation of independent funding sources and the increasing focus on mega tentpole productions has led the industry to Read More Previous Next Recent Posts Perpetual experimentalists How successful entrepreneurs understand customers Apr 24 2014 Image courtesy of HelloWallet Common wisdom in entrepreneurship most markedly promoted by books such as Lean Startup emphasizes the importance of rapid experimentation and iteration in many aspects of startup development from selecting a business model to understanding customer behavior The latter has become increasingly prevalent over the past decade Even By Lana Koretsky in Featured 0 comments Read More How Great Entrepreneurs Mint Emotional Currency Nov 5 2013 Start up CEOs can t build a company all by themselves For that they need the help of cofounders and other team members customers willing to try the start up s product and eventually investors But start ups usually have little money to pay top talent Yet some succeed in attracting the best people in their industry The way they do it is to mint what I By Peter Cohan in Featured 1 comment Read More How can you attract start ups to your region Oct 26 2013 Cities around the world look with envy at places like Tel Aviv Boston Cambridge San Francisco and Silicon Valley After all these regions have managed to attract a critical mass of talent and capital that yields a vital stream of ever expanding start up activity To be sure such entrepreneurial booms create challenges for their policymakers as the rising By Peter Cohan in Featured 0 comments Read More Where should you locate your start up Oct 7 2013 In Why does location matter I made a case that picking the right place for...

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