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... Group members Kijeong Yim David Rebolledo Rui Xue Studies of the ISM in the Large Magellanic Cloud Making use of data from Australian radio facilities as well as space based UV optical and IR telescopes we have been investigating several overlapping issues including the relationship between atomic and molecular gas the internal structure of star forming molecular clouds and the origin of the radio far infrared correlation External collaborators include Prof Yasuo Fukui and his group at Nagoya University Dr Juergen Ott NRAO and Ph D candidate Annie Hughes Swinburne U Local collaborators at UIUC include You hua Chu Robert Gruendl Leslie Looney and Jonathan Seale Group members Dan Welty Rui Xue Molecular line mapping of GMCs in the Galaxy Using the Mopra telescope we have been obtaining fully sampled maps of southern giant molecular clouds GMCs in CO 13 CO and C 18 O These maps provide a deeper view of cloud structure than CO maps alone and can be used to investigate current issues in molecular cloud evolution including the role of turbulence Current Projects The ISM in Edge on Galaxies Graduate student Kijeong Yim is examining a sample of edge on spirals with CO HI and Spitzer imaging to study the structure of disks and its relation to star formation We are working to expand this sample in collaboration with Richard Rand UNM and others Connecting HI and CO line profiles and Tully Fisher relations Graduate student David Rebolledo is examining how gas distributions and kinematics affect integrated HI and CO line profiles with an eye towards interpreting the integrated spectra of distant galaxies MAGMA the Magellanic Mopra Assessment We are conducting a CO survey of the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds that achieves the best available angular resolution on clouds detected by the NANTEN survey Observations...

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