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Title: University of Wisconsin at Madison Network Statistics

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... for anything we have on hand Popular queries in GNMIS Router RP CPU Router SP CPU UPS Temp Temp Probes Router temp gMegaFlow Netflow v9 stats from the campus border Tools AS Query Subnet Query DNS Query BGP Community Query Reports Daily reports NFSEN Netflow v9 records from inside the campus Campus Network Firewalls Aggregate data per ASA firewall last 24h last week last month last year Campus Network Firewalls Individual firewall context statistics via AANTS WAN Latency Loss Monitoring of various external sites via SmokePing Datacenter load balancing Citrix Production Citrix Test Dev Building Automation Network BAN Network firewalls for building management and environmental systems stats Wireless Access Points Monitoring and statistics via Airwave AMP Wireless Wired Authentication New UWNet login systems reports UPS Systems Realtime Status Custom graph Environmentals DoIT Datacenter temperature Environmentals Core Equipment Rooms Last 24 hrs Last 7 days Last Month Last Year Environmentals Temperature in All Equipment Rooms with probes Last 24 hrs Last 7 days Last Month Last Year Monitoring system outdated Graphing the Graphing stats net wisc edu s XXI network port polling performance IP Address Usage outdated IP Address Usage History as seen on the UW Madison Campus network Wireless Clients...

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