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... and Health Animal Health Evaluation of Suspected Predator Kills General Characteristics of Predator Kills Internal Carcass Appearance Brush Busters Cedar Leaf Spray Method Spot Spray Method Top Removal Method How to Estimate Costs for Controlling Small Cedar Cut Stumps Cut Stump Spray for Hardwood Species Cut Stump Spray for Redberry Cedar Huisache Leaf Spray Method Stem Spray Method Macartney Rose Leaf Spray Method Mesquite Leaf Spray Method Stem Spray Method How to Estimate Cost for Controlling Mesquite Pricklypear Pad or Stem Spray Method Top Removal Method How to Estimate Costs for Controlling Pricklypear Saltcedar Leaf Spray Method Stem Spray Method Tallowtrees Leaf Spray Method Stem Spray Method Yucca Herbicide Oil Whorl Spray Undiluted Whorl Spray Equipment Plant Identification Key Browse Plants of the Edward Plateau Key Browse Plants of Trans Pecos Region Plants that Contaminate Wool Mohair in Texas Woody Plants of Texas Professional Societies Youth Programs Predators in the Classroom Texas Field and Stream Program Library Handbooks Links News Releases and Articles Newsletters Publications Determining the Age of Deer How Much Forage Do You Have Interpreting Deer Harvest Records Range Condition Key To Sustained Ranch Productivity Stocking Rate Decisions Stocking Rate Decisions Management Notes Reducing Pesticide Risks To Wildlife In Small Grain and Sorghum Reducing Pesticide Risks To Wildlife In Cotton Reducing Pesticide Risks To Wildlife Reducing Herbicide Risks To Wildlife On Rangeland Reducing Livestock Losses to Toxic Plants Symposia Brush Sculptors Innovations for Tailoring Brushy Rangelands to Enhance Wildlife Habitat and Recreational Value An overview of brush sculpting principles Applied landscaping a primer for Brush Sculptors Balancing brush management needs the big picture Basal stem spray method for controlling brush Biological management of brush Brush as an integral component of wildlife habitat Brush Busters the precursor to Brush Sculptors Brush management and its impact on land value Brush management efforts in Shackelford County Brush sculpting for nongame birds Brush Sculptors an appreciation for brush Chemical methods soil applied techniques Designing shrubland landscapes to optimize habitat for white tailed deer Factors to consider when sculpting brush chemical methods Factors to consider when sculpting brush mechanical methods Fifty years of brush sculpting on Chaparrosa Ranch Half cutting mesquite trees to enhance loafing cover for quail Juniper ecology Leaf sprays for individual plant treatment brush control Managing brush and maintaining habitat for endangered species Mesquite ecology Mixed brush ecology Native brush establishment on rangeland for wildlife Oak ecology Overview of brush control and management on the Melton Ranch Pricklypear ecology Propagating Re establishing brush to improve habitats Sculpting brush for upland game birds Sculpting brush to enhance wildlife habitat economic and financial considerations Sculpting Illustrations Tailoring rangelands to enhance wildlife habitat The Welder Wildlife Refuge Experience The Flying G Ranch a success story for brush sculpting Using fire for sculpting brush Why does brush dominate our rangelands Coyotes in the Southwest Foreword Memorial Table of Contents Juniper Ecology and Management Biology and ecology of Ashe juniper Biology and ecology of redberry juniper Brush Busters A program to market tactical brush management...

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