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Title: Fermi Large Area Telescope

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Description:The Fermi Gamma Ray telescope
... mission is 5 years and the goal for mission operations is 10 years The Fermi LAT instrument collaboration is an international effort funded by agencies in several countries The LAT is an imaging high energy gamma ray telescope covering the energy range from about 20 MeV to more than 300 GeV Such gamma rays are emitted only in the most extreme conditions by particles moving very nearly at the speed of light The LAT s field of view covers about 20 of the sky at any time and it scans continuously covering the whole sky every three hours Currently the LAT scientific collaboration includes more than 400 scientists and students at more than 90 universities and laboratories in 12 countries The collaboration has published papers on pulsars active galactic nuclei globular clusters cosmic ray electrons gamma ray bursts binary stars supernova remnants diffuse gamma ray sources and other subjects Data from the LAT are available to the public along with standard analysis software from NASA s Fermi Science Support Center For general questions about Fermi Fermi science or Fermi classroom materials please contact Fermi Answers Latest results The most recent publications from the LAT collaboration Recent preprints based on LAT...

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