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Title: Astronomy Program - The University of Texas at Austin

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... first mirror for the Giant Magellan Telescope GMT a major next generation telescope in which The University of Texas at Austin is a founding partner is now completed Becoming operational in the next decade under dark southern hemisphere skies GMT will lead a new generation of giant telescopes that will explore planets around other stars and the formation of stars galaxies and black holes in the early universe Our partnership in the GMT will help UT retain its status as one of the top astronomy programs in the United States said McDonald Observatory director David L Lambert It will give our faculty researchers and students access to the world s largest telescope and technology well into the future more CANDELS team discovers dusty galaxies at ancient epoch with Hubble Space Telescope tracks primordial star and planet forming material Galaxies from the Groth Strip AEGIS McDonald Observatory Press Release 9 October 2012 Austin TX Dust is an annoyance in everyday life but an important building block of stars and planets As such astronomers need to understand how cosmic dust forms over time it s an integral step in figuring out the evolution of galaxies and the stars and planets within them To better understand cosmic dust University of Texas at Austin assistant professor Steven Finkelstein and colleagues are pursuing one of the largest Hubble Space Telescope projects to date studying dust in thousands of galaxies over a wide range of cosmic time They published some early results in a paper lead by Finkelstein in a recent issue of The Astrophysical Journal more Astronomers characterize largest strongest magnetic field yet measured of massive galaxy shaping star in Perseus using HET HET McDonald Observatory Press Release 11 September 2012 Fort Davis TX A group of astronomers led by Gregg Wade of the Royal...

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