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... display at Space Place Jul 17 2012 Continue Reading Venus Transit at Washburn Space Place Hundreds of people gathered at UW Madison s historic Washburn Observatory and at the Astronomy Department s Space Place Tuesday night to view the transit of Venus Jun 07 2012 Continue Reading Washburn Observer The spring 2012 issue of the department newsletter is now available online May 15 2012 Continue Reading View All News Events High Resolution X ray Spectroscopy a New Window on the Universe Professor Dan McCammon UW Madison Physics Department Space Place Nov 13 2012 Details The Gaseous Environments of High Redshift Star Forming Galaxies Gwen Rudie Caltech Colloquium Nov 15 2012 Details Washburn Public Observing Washburn Nov 21 2012 Details The Cosmological Challenges of Dwarf Galaxies Julio Navarro University of Victoria Special Event Nov 27 2012 Details Revealing the origins and environments of Mg II absorbers with the SDSS and 3D HST Britt Lundgren UW Madison Colloquium Nov 29 2012 Details H alpha Dots A Catalog of Faint Emission line Objects Discovered in Narrowband Images Jessica Kellar Dartmouth College Lunch Talk Dec 03 2012 Details Washburn Public Observing Washburn Dec 05 2012 Details Adaptive Mesh Refinement Simulations of Cosmic Rays in Clusters of Galaxies Samuel Skillman University of Colorado Colloquium Dec 06 2012 Details View All Events See the Stars Free public observing on campus at Washburn Observatory is hosted by an astronomer every 1 2 weeks throughout the year See Dates Details Quick Links Pages of Interest Recent Publications UW Space Place Outreach Center Stay in Touch Contact Us Sign Up for the Newsletter Help us Grow About Us General Information Contact Us Department History Historical Images Our People Directory Faculty Emeriti Scientists Tech Staff Post Docs Grad Students Office Staff Our Science Research Areas Stars Stellar Systems WOCS Blue Stragglers Stellar Dynamics Angular Momentum in Solar Type Stars Massive Stars Magnetospheres Winds Pulsation Rotation GPU Computing Interacting Binaries Plasma Astrophysics Plasma and Turbulence Studies Compact Objects Theoretical Plasma Astrophysics Interstellar Intergalactic Media WHAM GALFA Plasma and Turbulence Studies Theoretical Plasma Astrophysics GLIMPSE Galactic Astronomy WHAM Fabry Perot Spectroscopy Technical Description Science Results Galactic Structure GALFA GLIMPSE GLIMPSE360 Extragalactic Astronomy Cosmology Local Universe Star Forming Galaxies Galaxy Kinematics AGN Feedback Distant Universe Cosmic Evolution Galactic Winds Young Galaxies Galaxy Mergers High Energy Astrophysics Compact Objects AGN Feedback Microquasar Feedback Multi Phase Fluids Visualization Interacting Binaries White Dwarf Atmospheres X ray Binary Populations Ice Cube X ray Astrophysics in Physics Theory and Computation Compact Objects Theoretical Plasma Astrophysics Cosmic Rays and Galactic Winds Astrophysical Dynamos Plasma and Turbulence Studies Rapid Reconnection Making Starbirth Easier Solar Tevatron Anomalous Cosmic Rays ISM Turbulence Massive Stars Observational Astronomy WOCS Interacting Binaries WHAM Local Universe Galaxy Kinematics Distant Universe Ice Cube GALFA Instrumentation Robert Stobie Spectrograph RSS NIR Integral Field Spectroscopy Star Tracker 5000 WHAM Astrophysics in Physics Center for Magnetic Self Organization Ice Cube X ray Astrophysics in Physics Observational Cosmology Theoretical Cosmology Research Observatories Southern African Large Telescope WIYN 3 5m Telescope Hydra...

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