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... Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center SEDAC operated by CIESIN PLACE III provides national level estimates of resident population and land area in relation to the environmental characteristics of their location for example by biome climate zone coastal proximity and elevation in a tabular format Population estimates are available for 1990 2000 and 2010 for 232 statistical areas countries and other territories recognized by the United Nations New features in version 3 are separate estimates for urban and rural populations and a pivot table to facilitate data selection and analysis The PLACE III data set is especially useful for those who are not familiar with specialized geospatial software and methods The data set is organized so that users can quickly find the specific countries and variables of interest It may be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet or as a comma separated file CSV that can be opened by any text editor Spreadsheet users may filter data by country urban or rural classification and other categories such as geoRegion a geographic entity defined by the UN similar to continent geoSubregion regions smaller than continents but larger than countries and income group or lending category World Bank global classifications of poverty and lending attractiveness Population and land area estimates have been generated for a variety of themes including biomes of the world climate classifications and predictions elevation levels distance from the coast and population density zones PLACE III facilitates comparative research at the national level by providing access to a range of useful summary variables on such questions as approximately how many people live within 10 kilometers of the coastline in South American countries roughly how many rural Africans live in deserts and xeric shrublands or how populations are distributed by elevation in southern Asia Data from previous versions of PLACE have been...

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