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... an in depth look at how different stereotypes are portrayed in television shows and movies In CMN 429 students get to study and learn about different stereotypes what they consist of how they are used and the effects they have on people You will be surprised how much the material in this course relates to your daily life Thu 08 Nov 2012 CMN 411 Organizational Communication Assessment Interested in how a successful organization functions Want to learn how departments diagnose communication problems and work towards correcting them This course gives you the means to assess communication practices in many organizations You also have the chance to conduct a communication audit of an organization to get first hand experience Thu 08 Nov 2012 CMN 336 Family Communication Family communication is just that This course looks at families how they change and how communication in families evolves as the families themselves change Look at how families communicate when presented with change Discuss family laws divorce the addition of children and more Thu 08 Nov 2012 CMN 323 Argumentation From the most casual discussion over what movie to see to how best to dump your significant other to the proper course of actions to take in Afghanistan to the value of social programs like Medicare arguments create and sustain our very sense of everyday life This course allows you to learn different perspectives how to effectively argue and apply these skills to controversial texts events and issues Thu 08 Nov 2012 CMN 280 Communication Technology and Society Have you ever wondered how social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter affect your life Communication 280 explores the history of how communication technology has affected human society and how we can manage the future technologies that are emerging in our own generation As technology advances it is becoming more important for us to understand the impact it can have on human communication Thu 08 Nov 2012 CMN 220 Public Policy How you present policy is key in todays professional personal and public interest society This course helps you develop the skills to design and present public policy according to your audience and varying tasks Special emphasis given to advanced writing skills Thu 08 Nov 2012 CMN 212 Introduction to Organizational Communication Do you learn better by communicating and collaborating with classmates In CMN 212 students work together through weekly forum posts to better understand the material covered in class by relating it to real life experiences Thu 08 Nov 2012 CMN 211 Business Communication Nervous for all these career fairs on campus Need to learn how to make a good first impression resume or memo Business communication helps you develop these skills and improve your confidence in a small 30 person course Thu 08 Nov 2012 CMN 204 Internship in Teaching Communication Want to do more with your communication major Interested in what it is like to teach in the Department Become a teaching intern and learn the behind the scenes process of a university...

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