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... a Higgs decay or simply from a background event such as one containing two Z bosons Self assembling Building Blocks Self assembling building blocks occur in a diverse set of supramolecular macromolecular and other complex systems that impact numerous fields such as industrial dyes and pigments xerographic receptors organic semiconductors transistors light emitting diodes and solar cells Prof Paul Heiney collaborates with chemists and material scientists on the study of such molecular systems Bio optics and bio optical materials Prof Alison Sweeney and her colleagues believe that the reflective structures in giant clams help them grow algae The clams use sub wavelength structures formed from a protein called reflectin to optimize the photosynthesis of the algae living in the clam tissues Atacama Cosmology Telescope in the north of Chile The Atacama Cosmology Telescope ACT is a 6 meter telescope located in the Atacama Desert of Chile on Cerro Toco It s goals are to study how the universe began and evolved to its current state and to discover its major constituents By observing the cosmic microwave background with great precision the ACT experiment should get unprecedented measurments of cosmological parameters Events High Energy Matthias Kaminski Washintion November 12 2012 2 00 pm Astrophysics and cosmolgy Seminars November 14 2012 All day Physics Colloquium November 14 2012 4 00 pm 5 00 pm Meg Urry Yale University DRL A8 DISSERTATION DEFENSE November 15 2012 3 00 pm Dominick Olivito DRL 3W2 High Energy Daniel Park Simons Center November 19 2012 2 00 pm More Events News NBIC Graduate Research Award for Mitchell Lerner November 6 2012 Physics graduate student Mitchell Lerner a member of the Johnson research group received the 2012 Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research from the Nano Bio Interface Center Penn s NSF funded Nanoscale Science and...

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