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... consciousness decision making and philosophy with NeuWriteWest Stanford October 2014 NeuWriteWest Shadlen MN Firing rate autocorrelation as a signature of noisy evidence accumulation ESF Exploratory Workshop on Noise in Decision Making Theory Meets Experiment May 2013 YouTube Kandel E Alda A Kahneman D Shadlen MN and Mischel W Public Policy Implications of the New Science of Mind Charlie Rose Brain Series 2 Episode 13 March 2013 CharlieRose com Shadlen MN Consciousness as a Decision to Engage Turing Consciousness July 2012 blogspot com Shadlen MN Integration of prior probability and evidence in a neural mechanism of decision making ELSC ICNC Seminar 2011 YouTube Shadlen MN Time and Belief A Neural Mechanism of Decision Making ELSC ICNC Seminar 2011 YouTube Shadlen MN The neurobiology of decision making A window on cognition Allen Institute for Brain Science Symposium 2010 YouTube Our Lab in the News Brains Make Decisions the Way Alan Turing Cracked Codes 2015 Smithsonian Magazine New York University Certainty in our choices often a matter of time researchers find December 2014 ScienceDaily Michael N Shadlen elected to the Institute of Medicine October 2014 KIBS Michael N Shadlen awarded the Golden Brain October 2012 Minerva Foundation The Deliberating Brain Columbia s Mind Brain Behavior Initiative October 2012 Dana Foundation Blog Putting Thought into Action March 2012 Human Frontier Science Program Decision Making October 2009 Brainfacts Organization Why people change their minds at the last second By Ed Yong August 2009 DiscoverMagazine Not Exactly Rocket Science Researchers Begin to Decode Decision making Processes By Tom Valeo December 2008 Dana Foundation What do you have in mind Ethical questions in neuroscience By Leila Gray University of Washington UWeek Newsletter December 2008 PDF Forage or mate Stay or run Innocent or guilty Deal or no deal Each is a job for the brain s jury...

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