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Title: Biochemistry | UW-Madison

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Description:Welcome to the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison. Graduate and Undergraduate programs, courses, timetable, Faculty and their research, NMRFAM, BIF, application, admission and advising.
... gene encodes the enzyme SCD whose job is to synthesize fatty acids that are a major component of fat When we fed a starch and sugar rich diet to mice lacking SCD 1 in the liver the extra carbohydrates were broken down rather than being converted into fat and stored keeping the mice skinny Meanwhile control mice with normal gene activity grew plump on the same food High carbohydrate diets have become exceedingly common not only in western nations but also in the developing world as sugary ingredients like high fructose corn syrup have crept into all sorts of processed foods including soft drinks baked goods condiments even supposedly healthy items like low fat fruit yogurt What our team has now demonstrated is how those diets can act directly on a gene to boost fat synthesis and storage This current study builds on previous collaborative work in which we created mice that lacked SCD 1 everywhere in the body including the liver muscle brain pancreas and adipose tissue No matter how much they ate the mice didn t gain weight on either a high fat or a high carbohydrate diet The findings also highlight the central role of the enzyme...

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